Sustainable Remediation Technologies & Systems

System Design – Permitting – Operation & Maintenance – Environmental Consulting

LRM Consulting is an environmental remediation company specializing in engineering design, permitting, system installation, operation and maintenance, and associated consulting services related to in-situ and ex-situ remediation technologies.  LRM specializes in the design and manufacturing of green and sustainable components for remediation systems.  Our Remediation Services cover:

  • Enhanced in-situ bioremediation
  • In-situ chemical oxidation
  • In-situ ZVI remediation
  • Permeable reactive barriers
  • In-situ steam injection
  • Electric resistivity heating

  • Low temperature mobile ex-situ thermal desorption
  • High temperature mobile ex-situ thermal desorption
  • Soil vapor extraction
  • High-vacuum dual phase extraction
  • Groundwater pump-and-treat
  • In-situ solidification and stabilization